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Dr. Gordshell’s Skin Cream

The year was 1858. The place: Baltimore, Maryland. A thirty-five year old medical doctor, landlord, husband, and father of two persists in the pursuit of making a name for himself, and establishing a legacy for his family. His name was George W. Gordshell. Although the doctor and his parents were all from Maryland, his wife Frances’ lineage was a different story. She came from Massachusetts, but both her mother and father came from Scotland. I’ll show you the significance of this in a moment.

Our sources show that around this time, George had started selling a product that he formulated, named Dr. Gordshell’s All Healing Salve. He sold it to local pharmacies, who in turn sold it to their customers for a whopping… 35 cents! Some of the various issues the Salve was to be effective for included Boils, Carbuncles, Gathered Breasts, Chilblains, and Scald-head. Good luck on trying to find out what some of these afflictions from the nineteenth century even mean. However, Dr. Gordshell’s Salve (now marketed as Skin Cream) is now popularly known for it’s work on Boils, Eczema, Pain, and Razor Bumps (for starters).

Although, Dr. Gordshell gets all the credit for the creation of this formula that has survived for over 150 years, there may be a little more to it. Apparently, part of the Scottish heritage lies in their Viking ancestry. It’s been noted that Vikings made a drawing salve (to work on boils, eczema, etc.) from a recipe including lard, beeswax, rosin, and urine. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Dr. Gordshell’s formula has always been produced without the urine (and now can even be found in a Vegetarian version without lard). It’s very likely that Dr. Gordshell got the formula for his product, in part or in sum, from his lovely wife, Frances (as it was presumably handed down from generation to generation to her).

The moral of the story, I believe, is twofold: 1. this phenomenal product, deserving to have its place in every medicine cabinet in America, seems to have its origins from the good Doctor’s wife, and 2. behind every successful man is a supportive and inspirational woman.

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